EWOK in action….

KIDULT in action….

KIDULT ITW (uncensored) “ILLEGALIZE GRAFFITI” from eric on Vimeo.

Trailer: Crack & Shine

“Crack & Shine International is a series of episodes that will follow the lives of some of the leading figures in the graffiti world and will show us the lengths they go through to practice their art, and seeing what motivates them to do it.”

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Nardwuar vs. Curren$y Part 2 : Return of the Nard!

Skeme –”KRAZY” (Ape Sh!t)

The Higher Concept – “Here It Is”

Jasmine Solano ft. Hollywood Holt – “Turn It Up”

Wiz Khalifa Vs. Ski Beatz

Red Bull Ride + Style

“The event was a combination of fixed gear bike culture and contemporary art with a freestyle competition held on a course that featured artwork by local artists. More than 60 riders from the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, New York and Japan gathered together to show off their tricks and their speed.”

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Mac Miller – “Wear My Hat”

Produced By Chuck Inglish