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Banksy at the Bristol Musem

“In Bed with Invader”

“Filmmaker Raphael Haddad spent a night with vaunted street artist Invader where we’re given an insider’s look at the dedication and danger that comes along with being seen as both a genius and pest by varying members of the general public. Set to music by ToBy Screamer, this cinematic exploration contains bubbling excitement and drama despite the lack of dialogue or expository statements. While we’ve already heard of a film titled Midnight in Paris, Invader gives new meaning to stalking through the City of Lights once people have retired to their quarters”

Spotted @ HypeBeast

Mr. Brainwash’s Art Show 2011

The Antics Roadshow

Brought to you by Banksy


B Movie – Exit Through The Gift Shop from Robin Gunningham on Vimeo.

Simpsons x Banksy

Trailer: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Here’s an extended trailer for Exit Through The Gift Shop, the upcoming documentary from filmmaker Terry Guetta about notoriously reclusive street artist Banksy.