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DMX – “I Don’t Dance” (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

Directed by CK’s own John Colombo

Behind The Scenes: DMX & Machine Gun Kelly “I Don’t Dance”

WOW, this video looks bananas!

Directed by John Colombo

Old School Vid- DMX – “Stop Being Greedy”

X is out of jail and hopefully gettin his shit together. So I figure why not post a classic X record to honor the dog duke.

DMX featuring Jadakiss – “Here we go Again”

RUFF RYDERS Pictures, Images and Photos

Un-Huh Feat. Dmx – Jadakiss

After watching the entry below I started to think about when X was killin shit…This song was released when the whole Jada & Beans beef was brewing. I remember this track was the 1st on one of those Hot 97 mixtapes that you could get on Canal St. Here we go againnnnn !

DMX Speaks !

Crazy or REAL ?


Classic Jam: Mase feat. DMX – “Take What’s Yours”

Harlem World- Mase Pictures, Images and Photos

Take Whats Yours – Mase feat.Dmx

This song def. got overlooked when it came out but I remember pumpin this track hard….anyone remember this ?