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Behind the Scenes in the Montana Cans Spray Paint Factory in Germany

NEW Montana Tempera Paint available…..

Pool Paint Attack

Birth of a Spray-Can


HIGHLAND PARK x SAN FRANCISO from Askew One on Vimeo.

Euro-Graf (France)

SESSION HVA CREW from MOUARF- du PhotoGraff Collectif on Vimeo.

PGC (PhotoGraff Collectif) made a clip in late December of the French crew HVA (Zeha, Yuze, Macheri, Twine, Roux, Mouarf, Saner, LaMouche, Gnome and Dodu) in an abandoned factory.


New York graffiti institution IRAK team up with MONTANA COLORS to create an exclusive spraycan for this holiday season. The limited edition spraycan features a signature yellow, synonymous with the graffiti crew. While the global run is set at 500 cans, 100 special versions have been signed by artist and IRAK’s president, Kunle Martins aka Earsnot. The can is available now through ALIFE New York and THE UPSET.

Spotted @ HypeBeast

Montana 94 Paint marker

Montana released their new 94 Paint marker which comes in 16 colors, 15mm tip, super flow, best coverage and great resistance, satin finish, fast refill.