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Video: Barry McGee “Tagging”ART21

Brooklyn Mural by Barry McGee

Wall to Wall: Brooklyn Street Art by RIME

“Jersey Joe headed to Brooklyn to bring his street art talents to the side of Grand and Union. Rooted in the middle of Williamsburg, the piece features a mix of Chucks, fall colors, and characters.”

“All City” (1983)

“Director Henry Chalfant introduces his film All City (1983), which grew out of an idea to do a youth TV program about Hip Hop and other cultural phenomena of interest to young urbanites. The program was never realized, but the trailer grew into a portrait of the different elements of Hip Hop in the mid-80s. The venue is Fashion Moda, a popular art gallery on Third Avenue in the Bronx. There is a demonstration of Bboying, and Rap, followed by a discussion, hosted by Spank TC5, about art and culture with important graffiti artists of the time including Dondi, Butch, Mare and Brim. The video includes a montage of murals by Henry Chalfant and a Pop and Lock lesson by Mr. Wiggles. It features the young Bboy crew, VTB, The Very Tough Breakers.”

Classic Hits

Mister Cartoon, King Cope 2, Jee…Bronx, NY 2011

Vintage Footage of NYC Graf Legends


Kings and Toys

Dope graf doc with a lot of credible writers involved. Watch it from front to back.

Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition

The History of KRINK

Spotted @ GraffNews