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Team IceCream is Chicago and Miami

Skate Bails n Fails

Lets Skate in Stapleton!

Save the date!

Pool Paint Attack


House of Vans – Brooklyn, NY

With the opening this year of the House of Vans Warehouse in Brooklyn, there’s finally an indoor spot where you can skate during those long harsh winter days. Peep the new video montage by Peter Sidlauskas featuring New York City locals such as Kevin Tierney, Shawn Powers, Danny Falla, Rob Gonyon and more.

Transworld: Best of 2010 Street Skating

“Transworld offers up this 6-minute video documenting the finest of street skating for 2010. Featured content includes the best of the Day In the Life and Neighborhood segments, road trips, Lance shredding the Ridiculous Pool and other street features. Appearances by Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, Eli Reed, Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Theotis Beasley, Julian Davidson, Boo Johnson, Dan Murphy, Elijah Berle, Kelly Hart and Walker Ryan are shown amongst others.”

Spotted @ HypeBeast

Shanghai Skate Scene

Shanghai 5 from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

Skate Denmark


SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL from Diesel New Voices on Vimeo.

“Powerful images and probably the most dangerous place to skateboard in the world but it’s amazing to see how it brings people together!”