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“Inspired by Us” Art Event at 5050 Skatepark

Tomorrow night in Staten !

The Higher Concept ft. Missy Modell – “Runnin’ Away”

The Higher Concept – “Everything” (feat. D1)

The Higher Concept – “Topanga”

The Higher Concept – “Change” ft. Matt Beilis

“Change” featuring Matt Beilis is the 2nd video released from The Higher Concept’s (THC) next album entitled Everybody, set for a release date in late March.

The Higher Concept – “American Way”

Our “Clifton Bro’s”, The Higher Concept come thru with this iLLLLL visual! Good stuff pop!

The Higher Concept – “Here It Is”

The Higher Concept-”Boardwalk Empire (Vice City)”

The Higher Concept gives us a sneak peak into their slightly above-ground volcanic lair located in a place that only GPS devices from the early 90′s can bring you too……aka STATEN ISLAND…..Multiple crew members of the CK fam are sprinkled through out the video and parties like this occur periodically.

Directed by the critically acclaimed, frisbee-throwing digital master- Mike Shane.

Produced by J. “J.Blaze” Glaze.

And if you were wondering who the “moe” at the end of vid that had to get escorted out for drinking too much Zima was, That is none other than Steven Scumbergo himself, photographer Evan Brockett.

T-H-C ya!

The Higher Concept – “Toast to Life”

My bro’s wit fresh clothes start the New Year off with the brand new track produced J.Glaze.

Get the track here

T-H-C ya!.

Summer Times

Hey friends! As the summer flew right by us all, fellow teammate/photographer Evan Brockett captured terrific shots of our TEAM while wearing pieces from our Summer Collection. Now I know the whole deal with look-books, seasons, and all that. But I feel this situation is different.I look at these photos and it reminds me how positive and eventful this past summer was. Yes, we could have shot the whole thing in 1 day some time last May, but why? EVERYONE on our team has worked very hard this year and has grown in our own respective ways. We all motivate, inspire, and assist each other. By looking at these photos I see growth and progression. This look-book captures a very interesting and changing time in our lives and marks a chapter in Cloud Kicker history.








I would like to thank, Evan Brockett for shooting this great collection, everyone involved in the shoots, and to all that’s shown their continuous support to CK.

Don’t stop til your at the Top !